About Us


Food enthusiasts, amateur chefs, but most importantly professional fun lovers!! That pretty much explains us and the journey to launching Pulled…..

Simply put we love food (and a little drink or two) and our world is centred around ‘what is for dinner?’ It all started with a recipe for Conchinita Pibil, a very large piece of Pork and a long slow roast – OMG I cannot tell you what a taste sensation it was!!!

The love affair with pulled meats was born!!

Bbq pulled pork has become such a loved and firm favourite, what we wanted to do was take it further with different recipes & meats and I guess make it easier, by simply roasting in an oven (….or perhaps the truth was more, we live in a 3rd floor flat in London, so a slow cooking BBQ was out of the question!!).

After many recipes (and some quite inedible failures) later, many friends tested upon, many kilos eaten, we had the thought of why would other people not love this as much as us? Let’s take our meat to the world!!!! There was only one solution ‘redundancy’ – ok was not really my decision but fact was it meant the idea could actually come to life!!

It truly came to life though when the name ‘Pulled’ was suggested, suddenly there was an almost endless list of laughter inducing (and some really inappropriate) names for menu ideas! It was the perfect mix for us…….

Pulled was born out of a love of meat and innuendo!!

We can now be found roaming the country and spreading our love for slow roasted meats. Offering customers the opportunity to enjoy some amazing rare bread & free range meats, in a golden brioche from a family bakery that has been operating for 83 years, all served with a big smile………mainly because some guy has just asked us to get him ‘A Hot Beefcake’!!

We hope to see you on our journey very soon……